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The Potentially Deadly Dangers of Defective Brakes

Driving on the road can be a hazardous habit, but it is a habit that most of us must rely on for our livelihood. Cars are often a person’s only reasonable means of traveling to school, work, doctors’ appointments, and other important events. Unfortunately, auto accidents are a dangerous and frequent occurrence that can cause serious bodily harm, not to mention costly property damage. Because driving is a necessity, it is important to be able to rely on our vehicles to function properly and travel safely. When a vehicle fails to meet up to those standards, the consequences can be dangerous, and even deadly. Each year, an unfortunate number of auto accidents involving defective brakes take place in the Sacramento area. Those who have been victims of an auto accident involving defective brakes should understand their legal rights to collecting financial compensation for damages suffered.

Causes of Defective Brake Systems

Vehicle brake systems are complex and contain many moving parts. In order to work correctly, these parts all need to work in conjunction. If any one part of that system fails, it can cause the brakes to work incorrectly, which can result in a vehicle malfunction, and, possibly, an auto accident. Some of the causes of defective brake systems include faulty manufacturing, improper installation, and failure to properly maintain the vehicle.

Dangers of Defective Brake Systems

There are several disasters that can result when a car’s brake system becomes defective. Below are some problems that may arise as the result of defective brakes:

  • Failure for the brakes to slow the vehicle at all
  • Brakes that slow down the vehicle, but not quickly enough to avoid an accident
  • A grabbing of the brakes that causes the vehicle to jerk or stop unexpectedly
  • The brakes pulling the vehicle off to one side (which could cause the car to go off the road or into an oncoming lane of traffic)

Any one of these problems could cause the vehicle to crash into another vehicle or obstacle, which could cause severe damage, and possibly death.

Seeking Compensation

If you have been involved in a car accident that you believe was the result of defective brakes, you may be due significant financial compensation for damages suffered. The key to these cases is establishing liability, whether that be on part of the car manufacturer, an auto mechanic, or the owner of the vehicle. Attorney Larry S. Buckley has extensive experience in auto accident cases and knows how to build a strong case of liability. It is always best to collect as much information as possible from the scene of an accident and then bring that evidence to an attorney such as Larry Buckley so that a team of experts can compile a strong and convincing case of liability. This is the most vital step in ensuring that you will be compensated fairly for emotional, physical, and financial damages.

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