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Man Shot at Chris Brown Concert Sues Venue and Singer

A 22-year-old San Jose man recently filed a lawsuit against R&B singer Chris Brown and the owner of Fiesta Nightclub after suffering a gunshot wound at a concert last January.

The plaintiff was one of five victims who were hurt at “Chris Brown’s Capricorn Bash,” where the shooting took place. While the man’s injuries were not considered life threatening, the lawsuit alleges that the bullet wound caused “permanent injury” to his foot. The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages for mental and emotional suffering, past and future medical bills, lost wages, and post-traumatic stress from being shot.

The lawsuit, which is being filed through the Superior Court of Santa Clara County, claims that the defendants did not provide appropriate security measures, like metal detectors or bag checks, to keep fans safe. Considering several similar shooting incidents and other acts of violence that have taken place at previous Chris Brown concerts, the plaintiff and his lawyers have stated that the property owners should have known about the risk and prepared to help ensure the protection of attendees.

Have You Been Injured on Another Person’s Property?

Premises liability law states that property owners have a duty to their guests to provide them with a safe environment free of known hazards. This commonly includes keeping walkways clear of debris, making sure stairways have sturdy handrails, fencing in swimming pools, and other precautions to protect people from injury. If they fail in this duty to keep guests safe, or at least warn them of an unsafe condition, they can be held liable for damages.

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