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For those whose homes have a pool, it is probably considered a highlight feature, especially when the weather is hot. You are able to enjoy pool parties and, if you have children, a way for them to stay active while having fun. However, your pool can also pose a danger if you do not take proper precautions. You cannot always keep track of your children at home nor can you always have your eyes on the pool.

To keep your children safe and prevent any avoidable pool accidents from happening, keep some of these helpful tips in mind to accident-proof your pool:

1.Place a fence around the perimeter: This is one of the easiest and effective ways to ensure that your children stay out of the pool when you cannot supervise them or they do not have permission. The fence you have installed should be both wide enough and high enough to keep them out, but easy for adults to access.

2.Move away ladders: Having ladders nearby will defeat the purpose of having a fence, so make sure you remove them from the poolside. Since a ladder is generally too heavy for most children to move on their own, putting them away will stop children from accessing the swimming pool when they are not allowed to be near or in it.

3.Close all of the entryways: It is not always feasible or practical for people to put up a fence around the perimeter of a swimming pool, but there are other ways to keep your children away from the pool when necessary. Close all of the entryways to the pool and keep all doors that are not being used locked.

4.Install an alarm for your pool: Installing a pool alarm means you will always be alerted when or if someone attempts to open the gate or door to enter the pool area. Additionally, many alarm systems also connect to smartphones, which will allow you to receive an alert regardless of where you might be.

5.Store pool toys when they are not in use: Keeping pool toys out can make a swimming pool seem all the more tempting for children, so do everyone a favor and remove this element of temptation to try to make the pool less alluring. If you do not want your children to use the pool, put the toys away and only bring them out when your children are allowed to use the pool.

6.Eliminate tripping hazards: Even with the presence of adult supervision, accidents can happen. Some of the most common accidents involve trips, slips, and falls, all of which can cause some serious injuries, particularly if a child falls into the pool and is unable to swim. Make sure all the sides of the pool are clear of tripping hazards to prevent this.

7.Keep the pool covered when not in use: Some pools come with automatic covers, but you can also buy one to keep it covered, which will also help keep your kids from taking a dip when they do not have permission or supervision.

8.Separate play areas: While it is certainly nice to have a pool in your backyard, it can also be a problem if your children want to play outside. To prevent an unfortunate accident, try to maintain a separate play area for your children and make sure they know the rules.

9.Keep rescue gear nearby: Accidents are never entirely preventable, so it is critical to always be prepared for them. Keep rescue gear nearby such as life preservers, rope, and a first aid kit.

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