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Motorcycle Lane Splitting May Be Legal But It Is Extremely Unsafe


A motorcyclist prepares to ride offWe at the Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley know that motorcyclists are both at risk of major injury and can also be the cause of serious collisions. Because of that, we take all cases involving motorcycles seriously, no matter what. That's why clients throughout the greater Sacramento, Roseville, Redding, and Chico region come to our offices for legal representation. Those who have been involved in motorcycle accidents need skilled attorneys on their side, and we will be there for the injured and their loved ones.

One cause of motorcycle accidents that can be quite serious is lane splitting. Let's examine these matters right now.

What is lane splitting?

Sometimes referred to as lane sharing and white-lining, lane splitting refers to motorcycles riding between other vehicles along the lane lines. This can occur on city streets or even on freeways, and involving stopped vehicles or moving vehicles.

Is lane splitting legal in the state of California?

California is the only state that allows for legal lane splitting, though there are guidelines that ought to be followed, more as common sense suggestions rather than statutes (e.g., do not ride faster than 10 miles per hour above the speed of other vehicles, do not attempt lane splitting when the speed of traffic is greater than 30 miles per hour).

Legal Is Not the Same as Wise

When it comes to a practice such as lane splitting, we don't think that legality means it should be done. As you can imagine, there is a major risk when it comes to lane splitting. Even in apparently safe lanes of traffic and moderate to low speeds, the risk of collision is present and can result in major injuries to anyone involved in or adjacent to the accident.

A Hazard to the Motorcyclist

Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable to major injury, and lane splitting definitely increases the chances of a serious accident occurring. If the space between vehicles suddenly narrows or a driver changes lanes without sufficient signaling, a motorcyclist can easily be pinched between vehicles and seriously harmed. Rearview mirrors can also make maneuvering between vehicles very difficult and can lead to bumps or more serious injuries.

A Danger to Other Motorists

A motorcycle darting between vehicles can cause motorists to swerve or overreact, leading to collisions with other vehicles nearby. This is especially dangerous when there are multiple vehicles on the road in moving traffic, since the chances of a multi-vehicle collision increase.

Avoid Lane Splitting When You Are On Your Motorcycle

Given all of the risks involved above, we recommend that lane splitting ought to be avoided. Better to be cautious while on the road than cause a potential accident doing something legal but ill-advised. If you or someone that you love has been injured due to the reckless actions of a motorcyclist, its important that you speak with a member of our legal team today. We will be here for you in your time of legal need.

Meet with Our Attorneys to Discuss Your Accident

To learn more about your legal options following a serious motor vehicle collision, it's important that you meet with lawyers at the Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley. They will help you in your time of legal need. To schedule that visit at any of our locations in Northern California, contact our personal injury law firm today.

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