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Slip & Fall

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Under premises liability law, property owners must make every effort to ensure that their grounds are properly maintained and safe. If an accident occurs on their premises and the property owner is found to be negligent, they may be held accountable for the victim’s medical costs, lost wages, and other related expenses.

Slipping and tripping accidents are two of the most common types of premises liability cases filed against at-fault parties. As a Northern California slip & fall attorney, Larry Buckley has helped countless victims in Chico and surrounding areas recover the compensation they deserve. If you have been injured and believe another party may be at fault, contact our office today to schedule your free consultation.

What Are Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents often occur during wet weather conditions – like rain, hail, or snow – when surfaces are slippery. Falls and slips can happen inside or outside a building. People may also be at risk if a recently mopped floor in a commercial building is not properly marked with caution signs, or a spill is not quickly and thoroughly cleaned up. A trip and fall accident is quite similar, except the fall is caused by someone’s foot being caught on an obstruction, like lifted carpeting, loose wires, and objects in the walking path.

In these situations, victims may lose their balance on the wet, hazardous surface, and suffer serious or even life-threatening injuries after they fall. Brain trauma can occur if the victim’s head strikes the ground during a slip and fall accident. Similarly, if the victim slips and lands on their neck or back, damage to the spinal cord could occur. Head, brain, neck, and back injuries are often catastrophic, requiring expensive and extensive medical care. During the healing and recovery period, a victim is often forced to take significant time off work. Lost wages can further compound financial strain as victims struggle to cover their ongoing medical expenses.

How to Prove the Property Owner was Negligent

If you want compensation to be paid by the property owner after you slip and fall, then you will need to prove that they were negligent in their duty of care owed to you. Simply slipping and falling at someone’s house or business is not enough to create a strong claim, as your fall could reasonably be your fault. With the help of our attorneys, we can show that the property owner’s negligence unfairly put you into unreasonable danger and that you made reasonable attempts to avoid it.

For a property owner or manager to be found negligent, they must have:

  • Caused the slip hazard or allowed it to go unaddressed for an unreasonable amount of time.
  • Known about the hazard or should have known about it had they been more attentive.
  • Taken inadequate steps to remedy the hazard or clearly warn others of it.

We've Recovered Millions for Our Clients

If you have suffered an injury at the hands of a negligent property owner, it is imperative to seek legal assistance as soon possible after the accident. You should choose a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer with a reputation for success. Larry Buckley is familiar with all aspects of premises liability, and will fight aggressively on your behalf. By ensuring you receive the full restitution you are due, our team can help you live as happily and healthfully as possible.

If you have been injured in a slipping or tripping incident on an unsafe premise, contact Larry Buckley's practice today. During your free consultation, you can learn about your rights and next legal steps.

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