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Dog Bites

Helping Mauling Victims Reclaim Their Life

Dog Bite Lawyer - Chico, Roseville, Sacramento

We take dog mauling cases seriously at the Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley, because we have witnessed first-hand the impact such an event can have on a person's quality of life. If you have suffered a serious dog bite or someone you love has been mauled by a dog, we can help. A dog bite lawyer from one of our offices - Chico, Roseville, Sacramento, Redding, and Yuba City - can provide you with honest, informative, personable legal counsel so that you are aware of your rights and informed to act on them.

As with all personal injury claims, there exists a statute of limitations so it's important that you take action as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. To arrange a free consultation with a member of our team, please don't hesitate to contact our Northern California dog bite lawyers today. We handle cases in both State and Federal Court, statewide.

Damages and Eligibility

You may be eligible to recover financial compensation if you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a dog bite or mauling. In the tragic event that a loved one was killed in a dog bite case, please accept our condolences. We can help you file suit against the negligent party through wrongful death litigation.

Though each case is unique, typically the plaintiff can recover damages for medical bills, future medical expenses related to the injury, loss of wages, loss of future income related to the injury, and pain and suffering. Dog bite injuries can have a significant physical and physiological impact on a person and we can help ensure that you are justly compensated for both. In a wrongful death case, we may be able to recover damages for medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of wages, loss of future income, and pain and suffering.

Establishing Liability

California follows a strict liability rule for dog bites, meaning that dog owners are typically held responsible for injuries caused by their dogs biting someone, regardless of whether the owner knew the dog was dangerous or had a history of aggression. This applies regardless of the dog's past behavior and regardless of where the bite occurred (e.g., public place, private property).

There are limited exceptions to strict liability in California dog bite cases. For instance, a person who is bitten while unlawfully trespassing on the dog owner's property may not be able to recover damages for the bite under certain circumstances. Additionally, if the person bitten was provoking the dog or engaged in behavior that contributed to the incident, it could impact their ability to recover damages.

The first step in a dog bite or dog mauling case is determining fault and liability. In many instances, the actual dog owner lacks the necessary assets or resources to sufficiently compensate the victim or victim's family for damages. In such cases, it may be possible to file suit against the property owner as well to help recover fair and just compensation on the plaintiff's behalf.

If a dog owner is found liable for a dog bite, they may be responsible for compensating the victim for damages, which can include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related costs resulting from the bite.

Generally, the injured person has two years from the date of the bite to file a lawsuit in court. If they fail to do so within this timeframe, they may lose the right to seek compensation for their injuries.

Common Causes

Dog bites can occur due to various reasons, often stemming from a combination of factors, such as genetics, environment, behavior, and human interactions. Here are some common causes:

  • Fear or Anxiety: Dogs may bite if they feel threatened or scared. This could happen in situations such as being approached too quickly or unexpectedly, encountering loud noises or unfamiliar environments, or feeling cornered.
  • Protective Instincts: Dogs are naturally protective of their territory, belongings, or family members. If they perceive a threat to these, they may resort to aggression, including biting, to defend what they consider theirs.
  • Pain or Illness: Dogs in pain or discomfort may lash out as a defensive mechanism. If they are suffering from an injury, illness, or medical condition, even normally friendly dogs may react aggressively when touched or approached.
  • Lack of Socialization: Proper socialization during a dog's early stages of development is crucial for them to learn appropriate behavior around people and other animals. Dogs that have not been adequately socialized may react fearfully or aggressively in unfamiliar situations or around unfamiliar people.
  • Predatory Instincts: Dogs, especially those with strong hunting or prey instincts, may bite when they perceive smaller animals or even children as prey. This can happen suddenly and without warning, especially in breeds with a high prey drive.
  • Territorial Aggression: Some dogs may exhibit aggression towards strangers or other animals encroaching on what they consider their territory. This could include their home, yard, or even their owner's personal space.
  • Lack of Training or Discipline: Dogs that haven't been properly trained or disciplined may not understand boundaries or appropriate behavior. Without clear guidance from their owners, they may resort to biting as a means of communication or asserting dominance.
  • Provocation or Teasing: Intentional or unintentional provocation, teasing, or rough handling by humans, particularly children, can lead to a defensive response from the dog, resulting in a bite.
  • Genetic Predisposition: Certain breeds may have a genetic predisposition towards aggressive behavior. While genetics alone don't determine a dog's behavior, they can influence temperament and responses to certain stimuli.
  • Stress or Frustration: Dogs experiencing prolonged stress or frustration may exhibit aggressive behavior, including biting, as a way to cope with their emotions or release pent-up energy.

The important consideration in dog bite and mauling cases is whether or not the owner and property owner took sufficient steps to minimize the risk that the dog posed. If such steps were not taken, then it can be shown that the dog owner or property owner recognized that a threat or potential threat existed and failed to take precautionary steps, which would make them liable in the event of a dog bite case.

The following are some examples of failed measures:

  • Not leashing the dog
  • Not fencing the dog
  • Failing to train the dog

A dog bite lawyer from our Chico, Roseville, or Sacramento office can answer any questions you may have regarding causes or liability in person during your initial consultation. We are committed to customer service and would be honored to work with you. We have an exciting, dynamic, young, passionate team of legal professionals and attorneys, and we work tirelessly to obtain the best possible recovery on behalf of our clients.

Victims' Rights

Individuals have a right to financial compensation for quantifiable and qualitative damages in the event of a dog bite or mauling case. Though many people assume that dog bite cases are by default minor, that is a misnomer; dog mauling cases often result in significant impairment and an irrevocable change to a person's quality of life; in severe cases, it can result in death.

The dog bite lawyers at our Chico, Roseville, Sacramento, and satellite offices understand this and take appropriate steps to rectify as best as we can the wrongs that have been committed. Through Mr. Buckley's scientific background and our close collaboration with experts, we are able to protect our clients' rights.

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