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4 Ways to Avoid a Pedestrian Accident While Out for a Run


Running and jogging are year-round activities. With so many parks, beautiful trails, and ample roads, it is no wonder so many people run, walk, and jog to stay active and explore.

However, many runners and joggers do not consider the potential dangers of running in areas with motor vehicles. Due to the small size of a runner (also considered a pedestrian) compared to motor vehicles, many drivers fail to notice them, leaving joggers at extreme risk of serious injuries.

To enjoy your morning or evening jog, consider some of the helpful tips provided below. You can stay in shape, enjoy the view, and remain safe all at the same time.

1.Jog against the flow of traffic.

If you plan to run in a northbound direction, consider running on the southbound side of the street. In doing so, you allow yourself to keep an eye on oncoming traffic. That way, if a driver makes a sudden change into your running path, you will have a larger window to react.

2.Double-check for motor vehicles when crossing driveways.

When running in busy areas, you may be forced to cross multiple driveways. Of course, if you are running on the opposite side of the street, you will be more able to see a driver’s maneuvers beforehand. However, if you are running with the flow of traffic, it is important to turn around and check vehicles before passing through a driveway. Because you are small in comparison to a vehicle, a driver may not be on the lookout for pedestrians crossing driveways.

3.Don’t assume a driver sees you even when you are in a crosswalk.

In most intersections, pedestrians receive the signal to cross the street as the light turns green for those driving in the same direction. With this being said, many drivers will turn without noticing the pedestrians who are also given the right away. Therefore, it is important to check for motor vehicles before entering a crosswalk, even if you do have the right of way.

4.Stay on a sidewalk or designated runner paths.

In many busy cities, you may notice runner and joggers using the shoulders of streets as running paths. Although there may seem to be enough room for those runners, it is always safer to use sidewalks and designated running paths when out for a jog. Again, because you are much smaller than vehicles, it is easy for a driver to neglect your presence, creating severe risks for you. In addition, drivers may be forced to use the street shoulders in order to avoid a collision with another vehicle. A quick maneuver or reaction can be detrimental to joggers sharing the road.

If You Have Been Involved in an Accident While Running or Jogging

If a negligent driver harmed you, contact our Northern California pedestrian accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley. We may be able to help you recover financial compensation for physical injuries, medical expenses, emotional distresses, and other matters that may be the result of your accident. We are available around the clock to address any concern you may have regarding your claim.

Pursue justice today and get the help you need! Our Northern California pedestrian accident lawyers are here for you.

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