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Understanding Auto Accident Rollover Cases


There is no such thing as a “safe” auto accident, of course, but there are few types of auto accidents as potentially dangerous as rollover auto accidents. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rollover auto accidents are more likely to result in death than any other type of auto accident. Tragically, the vehicles most likely to be involved in rollover accidents are often those that are least “crashworthy” - that is, the roofs of these vehicles are not designed to withstand the impact of a collision with the ground in the event of a rollover, resulting in devastating injuries to the occupants of the vehicles.

As you might imagine, rollover cases can therefore be somewhat complex, requiring an attorney with extensive experience and a history of success in handling such cases. When it comes to handling auto accident rollover cases in the Sacramento region, personal injury attorney Larry S. Buckley has the skills, resources, and pure tenacity to represent even the most complex claims successfully. If you or someone you love was injured in a rollover auto accident, or if you lost a member of your family in such an accident, Larry S. Buckley can help you obtain the full measure of compensation to which you are entitled for the resulting losses and expenses you have sustained.

What are rollover auto accidents?

Rollover auto accidents occur when vehicles flip over onto their roofs or onto their sides. Most often, rollover accidents involve top-heavy vehicles that are, by nature, less stable than vehicles that have their weight distributed more evenly. Such vehicles include sports utility vehicles (SUVs), mini vans, buses, and certain trucks and vans. Although more recently manufactured SUVs are built to higher standards of safety than SUVs manufactured 10 to 20 years ago, they remain the type of vehicle most vulnerable to rollover accidents.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, most rollover accidents result from “tripping,” or hitting a curb, guardrail, or median, at a high speed. Other causes of rollover accidents include inclement weather, poor road conditions, collisions with other vehicles, driving while distracted by technology, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, defective automotive parts such as brakes, speeding, reckless driving, and sudden jerking of the steering wheel.

Product Liability Lawsuit

In cases in which an injury or death resulted due to a design or manufacturing flaw in a vehicle, Larry S. Buckley will file a product liability claim against any and all parties responsible for that flaw. For instance, if the rollover accident resulted from the design of the vehicle being inherently dangerous, the vehicle’s designers may be found liable for any injuries sustained in a resulting accident. Likewise, if it is discovered that the roof was not adequately crashworthy due to the manufacturer’s failure to follow the designer’s specifications, the manufacturer may be held liable.

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