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What You Should Do if You Witness an On-the-Job Injury


If you are familiar with the workers’ compensation system, you know what your responsibilities are as an injured employee. In order to recover benefits, you need to report your injury, visit a board-approved doctor, file your claim within the statute of limitations, and work with your employer and their insurance company. But if you witness one of your coworkers be injured on the job, what should you do? Do you have any obligations or responsibilities to help with their claim under the workers’ compensation system?

Help Your Coworker Get Medical Care

In the aftermath of a work accident, you should help any injured coworkers get to safety and receive the medical coverage they need. Remove any hazards if you are able to safely, transfer your coworker to a safe place, and give them a ride to the hospital or call an ambulance. If your coworker is not able to report their own injuries immediately, you could let your employer know about the incident. They will need to file their own official report, but you can tell your employer that your coworker was injured.

Will I Need to Provide a Witness Statement?

If your coworker decides to pursue a workers’ compensation claim, it could help their case if you provide a witness statement. Your need to contribute a statement will depend on the details of their claim. If your employer initially accepts their claim and provides just compensation, your input may not be necessary. For claims that involved more negotiation or are denied, a witness statement could be helpful. Your coworker or employer may reach out to you for comment during the claim process, but you can volunteer your contact information and a statement ahead of time if you are willing to assist with the case.

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