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Have Paradise Residents Bounced Back?

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The 2018 Paradise Camp Fire in Butte County devastated our local communities. At least 85 people lost their lives as a result of the fire and over $16.5 billion in damages were accrued. We offer our deepest sympathies to anyone who has been affected by this gruesome disaster.

As of January 1, 2019, survey results indicate that there were nearly 4,600 residents in Paradise, California. In April, a state door-to-door survey revealed that number dropped to just 2,034. In contrast, the 2010 census approximated 26,800 people were living in the area at that time. After the fires, many people were forced to scatter. Some went to the Bay Area, some moved to Lake Tahoe, and others went down the hill into Chico and other surrounding areas.

In response to the devastation, Governor Gavin Newsom designated Paradise a rural area so those affected by the fires could be eligible for the USDA funded Rural Development Program. This program offers funding in the form of grants and loans to people who qualify. Loans can be applied to home repairs, improvements, or modernization, as well as for eliminating health and safety hazards. Grants must strictly be used to improve health and safety conditions. The peak amount for loans is $20,000 and for grants is $7,500.

How bad was it?

Disaster response officials stated that the Camp Fire cleanup resembled the scale of rehabilitation efforts following the 9/11 attacks. Because almost 19,000 structures were demolished during the fires, there was a lot of hazardous material to be collected before residents were allowed to return to their properties. Some residents still haven’t been cleared to return to their land.

Most of the burn area was declared a public health emergency by health officials, which means the area was legally uninhabitable according to the federal government. FEMA estimated the cleanup would take at least a year, and they’re doing their best to restore the area as quickly and safely as is achievable.

We can help

Some of our very own staff and existing clients lost their homes as a result of the fire. Among others, it is for that reason we are intimately invested in helping those who have been affected by the Paradise Camp Fire. We will do whatever we can to serve you compassionately while also providing aggressive representation for your case.

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