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How to Keep Child Pedestrians Safe During Halloween

two young kids walking on a sidewalk wearing pumpkin halloween costumes

Pedestrian Safety Tips for Halloween

In the past several years, it’s become more widely known that Halloween is among the deadliest for pedestrians; studies show a 43% higher risk of being in a fatal pedestrian-involved crash on this night. However, pedestrians and motorists should understand the importance of sharing the responsibility of keeping the roads safe.

Halloween should be a fun night for children to trick-or-treat and spend time with friends and family in fun costumes. To help your little ones stay safe on this night, utilize these safety tips.

Discuss Pedestrian Safety with Your Children

First and foremost, review basic pedestrian safety with your children before they go out. With the excitement of Halloween, children often run into the street to get to the next house as soon as possible. If you don’t live in a neighborhood where they block off the streets on this night, make sure the kids know to slow down, stop at the road, and look both ways before crossing the street.

Examine Your Child’s Costume for Safety Hazards

To prevent your child from tripping, ensure your child’s costume is not too long and that they can see well out of any masks they are wearing. Adding reflective tape to their costume or carrying a flashlight will also help them be more visible to drivers.

Young Children Should Have Adult Supervision

Adult supervision is key on Halloween night – ensure an adult accompanies young children while they trick-or-treat, and provide older children with a set route to follow. If possible, stick to neighborhoods that you are familiar with. Larger groups are also better for visibility to drivers, so consider making a buddy system with other families.

Motorists Should Do Their Part

Motorists should be extra cautious on Halloween night, especially in residential areas where children are more likely to be out and about. Be sure to drive slowly and keep an eye out for pedestrians, particularly those who may be crossing the street mid-block or outside of a crosswalk.

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