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What are Runaway Trucks?

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Stay Safe on the Roads

Runaway trucks are a serious and dangerous problem on highways across the country. They have been known to cause significant collisions, resulting in catastrophic injuries or even death. While states have taken steps to combat this issue, it is still a genuine threat that drivers must be aware of. In this blog, we will discuss what runaway trucks are, how they become dangerous on the roads, and whether you can pursue a claim if one causes an accident with your vehicle. By understanding these issues better, you can be prepared for any potential dangers from runaway trucks while driving.

How Do Trucks Become Runaway?

Runaway trucks can occur when a truck is overloaded, improperly loaded, or has an empty trailer that hasn’t been appropriately balanced. This can cause the brakes to work less effectively, leading to a potentially dangerous situation if the driver doesn't notice and take action in time. In addition, weather conditions such as snow and ice can make it more likely for a truck to become a runaway.

The Dangers of Runaway Trucks

Runaway trucks can be hazardous, as they are often traveling at high speeds and have limited ability to stop quickly. When they hit other vehicles or objects on the road, the result can be catastrophic. In addition, these incidents are more likely to cause severe fatalities than different types of collisions.

What Are States Doing to Combat Runaway Trucks?

States are combating this issue by implementing stricter regulations for trucking companies and drivers. They also increase fines and penalties for those who fail to abide by these regulations or allow their vehicles to become runaways.

Can You Pursue a Claim if a Runaway Truck Causes an Accident?

If you are the victim of an accident that was caused by a runaway truck, you may be able to pursue a claim for damages. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, and other related costs. Speaking with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible is crucial to ensure your rights are protected.

Work With a Personal Injury Attorney

Runaway trucks are a severe risk on the roads and one that drivers should be aware of. By understanding what they are and how they occur, drivers can take steps to help prevent them. In addition, if you are injured in an accident caused by a runaway truck, you may be eligible to pursue a claim for damages. If you have any questions about these issues, you must speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.

The team at Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley can help you pursue a claim if you are injured in an accident caused by a runaway truck. Learn more about how we can help or schedule a case review by calling (530) 413-0245 or visiting our website.