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The Dangers of Wet Floors and Slip and Fall Accidents

Sacramento Wet Floors and Slip and Fall AccidentsA slip and fall accident is just as it sounds; an incident where someone slips, or trips, and falls, often hurting themselves in the process. On the sidewalk or other public area, someone who trips and falls (without provocation from someone else) may walk away with nothing more than their injuries and hurt pride.

When the accident occurs in or around a privately-owned business or facility, however, the fault often lies within the building’s owners and/or operators. If you’re an employee or patron who’s hurt in a slip and fall accident in Sacramento, then personal injury attorney, Larry S. Buckley, will fight for you to receive the compensation you need to fully and comfortably recover.

Wet Floor Hazard Spots

Most slip and fall cases occur on wet floors, and are often due to unnecessary amounts of moisture, or improper warnings about the area. You can increase your chances of avoiding injuries and medical costs by paying close attention to the floors you walk on, especially in common wet floor areas, such as;

  • Restrooms
  • Kitchens, dining rooms, and other food-service areas
  • Entryways and exits, especially if the doorway leads outside and it’s raining or snowing
  • Janitorial carts and closets
  • Anywhere you see a mop and/or mop bucket

Indoors, the property owner or the building’s occupants are responsible for providing adequate warning of hazardous conditions, including wet floors. Besides being wary of wet areas, also look for signs and posted warnings that are meant to keep you from the area. Outdoors, you should also walk carefully in parking lots and on steps and sidewalks that are wet from rain or snow, or frozen with ice.

Signs to Watch Out For

Though wet floors are common, many business owners and building occupants understand the danger and provide adequate warning for the public to avoid them. Just because the floor is wet and you slip on it doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll receive compensation. Still, not everyone is as responsible as they should be, and wet floors are only some of the dangers that could result from poor building management. Typical conditions that a property owner may be accountable for can include;

  • Uneven flooring (or pavement, if outside)
  • Standing puddles of water
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Excessive wax on a floor that hasn’t been cordoned off

Know Your Rights

Negligence is more common of a practice than it should be, and it creates conditions that lead to serious injury in many cases. Though property and business owners can’t always avoid or prevent hazardous situations on their property, they have a legal and moral obligation to provide sufficient and conspicuous warnings to those who may be hurt. If you’re injured in a slip and fall accident and believe that you are not at fault, then speak with our premises liability attorney to help you gather the facts and prove that you deserve to be compensated.

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