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Auto Accidents and Seniors: Concerns for Elderly Motorists


Viewing a car through a cracked windshieldAt the Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley, we have earned a strong reputation in the greater Sacramento area for providing excellent legal representation for the victims of serious injury accidents. Good legal representation is very important in lawsuits over injury auto accidents, particularly given how these incidents can have long-term health repercussions and/or tragic results. This is particularly true when the injury victim is a senior citizen, an issue we want to consider in more depth right now.

Are elderly motorists really more vulnerable to injury?

Yes. On the whole, seniors are more vulnerable to serious injuries behind the wheel and as passengers. Even minor fender benders that may seem harmless can lead to some degree of injury for an elderly motorist.

Why This Is the Case for Elderly Motorists

This all has to do with the natural aging process.

With advanced age, seniors will notice certain changes to wellness and mobility that make them more susceptible to harm and serious injury. Bones can become more brittle and fragile with time, for instance, and joint may be stiffer and less mobile. This is why even a relatively small accident can lead to serious injury and trauma for an older person involved in the accident while a younger motorist would be relatively unscathed.

Elderly Drivers Are Still Among the Safest on the Road

Even though the elderly are more vulnerable to injury, on the whole, seniors are among the safest drivers on the road.

One of the most important reasons for this is that the elderly tend to drive within the speed limit, avoid drinking and driving, and always follow the rules of road. These basic things make them much safer drivers than other age groups.

In addition, elderly motorists are more attuned to their physical limitations that come with age and are unlikely to test those limitations in a dangerous manner. For example, many elderly motorists avoid traveling at night or in weather conditions that lead to low visibility since they understand that their vision may not be optimal during these situations and driving would be more dangerous.

How Elderly Drivers Can Protect Themselves

If you are an elderly motorist, we recommend the following to protect yourself from serious injuries:

  • Continue to follow all the rules of the road
  • Continue to avoid drinking and driving
  • Wear your seat belt
  • Travel by day and during good weather when possible
  • Get your vehicle regularly maintenanced
  • Visit your doctor for annual physical exams
  • Make sure your glasses prescription and hearing aids are up to date

Our Legal Team Will Fight for You

If you are an elderly motorist who was injured in an accident, or the loved one of an injured motorist who is of advanced age, it's important that you contact our attorneys to fight on your behalf. Our legal team will not be intimidated and will seek just compensation to cover medical expenses and other hardships you've been forced to endure. We will be here for you in your time of legal need.

Contact the Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley

If you would like more information about your legal options following a serious auto accident, it's important that you contact the attorneys at our personal injury law firm today. When you meet with our team of attorneys, we will be sure to go over all of your legal options so that you get the robust legal representation that you deserve.

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