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How PTSD is Caused by TBI


March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month, and our legal team at the Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley wants to do our part in helping others understand traumatic brain injuries, or injuries to the brain that result from sudden blows to the head or rapid acceleration of the head.

Traumatic brain injuries are known for their potential to significantly impact the lives of victims and their loved ones, sometimes in devastating ways. While traumatic brain injuries can refer to any blow to the head that disrupts brain function, there are terms used to distinguish between concussions (mild TBI), moderate TBI, and severe TBI, which typically results in a longer period of unconsciousness and is associated with more severe symptoms.

Traumatic brain injuries are also notorious for their unpredictable effects on victims. Symptoms can vary from case to case, but TBI has been known to complicate the lives of victims due to headaches, sensitivity to light, problems with memory and concentration, and more. While these symptoms may dissipate over time in most cases of mild to moderate TBI, some victims may experience symptoms for months. In the most severe cases, victims can experience difficulties with daily tasks, impaired function in certain parts of the body, difficulties with speech or language, decreased cognitive ability, and emotional problems, among others. Additionally, TBI may also lead to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), regardless of the severity of the injury.

When it comes to TBI and PTSD, there is still a lot to be learned. However, there is a clear and definite relationship. Although they are related, TBI and PTSD are separated conditions, and it is important to identify a traumatic brain injury as there should be precautions taken by victims in getting proper evaluations and avoiding certain medications or activities. In any case, there are a few important things to know about the two:

  • PTSD and TBI can be comorbid conditions, meaning that they can both be present in a victim. After all, traumatic brain injuries result from trauma, commonly as the result of car accidents, falls, or even explosions. These events in and of themselves are traumatic events that can have an impact on a victim psychologically.
  • TBI and PTSD can both be difficult to diagnose, as there is still a great deal to learn about the human brain. While PTSD symptoms may overlap with TBI symptoms, including fatigue, anxiety, and depression, doctors can perform other screening tests or gain a better understanding of symptoms in order to diagnose one or the other, or even both.
  • Treatments and approaches to TBI can also help with PTSD, such as a slow return to activity, rest, and avoiding alcohol. Vice versa, PTSD treatments have also been found helpful for victims of TBI, including therapies such as cognitive processing or prolonged exposure.
  • TBI and PTSD has been found to lead to unhealthy behaviors, including substance abuse or excessive risk taking, especially among military veterans.

At the Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley, we know that accidents can result in far more than physical injuries alone. The civil justice system also recognizes this fact, which is why it enables victims to recover non-economic damages, which include emotional injuries and losses suffered by victims and, in some cases, their loved ones as well. These are injuries that don’t have a price tag, and are not as simple to understand as a broken bone.

When representing brain injury victims and their families, we take the time to understand just how an accident and injury has impacted their lives. This is essential in not only motivating us to help them fight for a positive outcome, but also in illustrating the full scope of their damages. A cut on the head can heal, but the lasting effects, including emotional ones, can persist in profound ways.

If you or someone you love has recently suffered a brain injury in an accident that should have been prevented, you may have the right to recover financial compensation for your damages. Contact our team at the Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley today for a FREE consultation.

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