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Do I Need a Lawyer If I Didn’t Cause My Car Accident?

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Do you need a lawyer if you didn’t cause your car accident? Most likely, yes, you will want the assistance of a car accident attorney, even when you know your crash was caused by the other driver. As a car accident victim, you’re more likely to want to hire an attorney than the at-fault driver because they will probably get defense representation from their auto insurance company. Unless you hire an attorney of your own, you could be in a situation that feels like a one-sided legal contest.

Proving Fault with Legal Experience

Probably the most common reason why people hire car accident attorneys after a crash that was not their fault is that they want to prove that they weren’t at fault. As a car accident claimant, it is up to you to provide the argument as to why the defendant owes you compensation. That is to say, the burden of evidence is on you, not the other driver, if your claim is challenged.

There is a good chance your claim is going to be challenged, too. Most drivers are aware that their monthly premiums will go up if they cause a crash, especially a serious one that results in an injury and/or devastating damage to the other driver’s vehicle. To try to avoid a negative financial outcome for them, many drivers will be tempted to lie and say they didn’t cause the crash when they know they did.

Hiring a car accident attorney after a crash that was not your fault is a good idea because they can use their background, training, knowledge, and experience to prove fault. They can look for and use evidence, build a convincing argument, and negotiate with the insurance company to reach a settlement. All the while, you can rest.

Calculating Damages Accurately

Another big benefit of hiring a car accident lawyer after being in a wreck caused by another driver is that they can calculate your damages, probably much more accurately than you can. The key to calculating damages is understanding just how many damages are available to a car accident claimant, as well as knowing how many insurance policies can be filed against in your name.

You could be owed compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Pain and suffering

If you hire a car accident attorney, then they will be in charge of sorting through all possible damages and tallying them together. The sum is what they will demand from the other driver’s auto insurance provider, which can be paid through a settlement or fought for in court.

Again, while your attorney is working diligently to make the most of your claim, you can take care of yourself, your family, your work, etc. What you will not have to do is stress yourself out with whatever the opposition in your claim is doing.

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