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How to Stay Safe During Fourth of July Celebrations


The Fourth of July is nearly here! For many people, there’s nothing better than seeing the sky light up with fireworks of all colors during the Independence Day holiday. But before you plan how you and your family will celebrate, know that fireworks can present a danger if you try to use them yourself.

Statistics from the National Safety Council (NSC) show that, during Fourth of July in 2017, over 17,000 people were injured by fireworks badly enough to require medical attention. With that said, here are some essential firework safety tips you can implement in order to prevent burns and other injuries.

Keep an Eye on Children

If you are using your own fireworks, it is important that you keep a close eye on children to ensure that they do not get too close to them. Never allow young children to light or handle fireworks on their own, and older children should only be allowed to do so with adult supervision.

Sparklers Can be Dangerous, Too

Children love holding sparklers, but they are a lot more dangerous than many parents realize. In fact, sparklers alone account for about 50% of all firework injuries to children 5 years old or younger. Sparklers burn at about 2,000 degrees, which is hot enough to burn many metals. They can easily ignite clothing and hair, or cause severe burns if dropped on feet. You may want to consider safer alternatives, such as glow sticks or confetti poppers.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Never attempt to reignite or handle a malfunctioning firework. Instead, have a hose nearby or a bucket of water nearby to cover the dud with water before handling. Water or a fire extinguisher can also be used in emergencies in case a fire breaks out. You should soak used fireworks in water as well before discarding them. Additionally, if someone does get burned or sustains other firework-related injuries, treat the wounds immediately and get medical attention.

View Fireworks From a Distance

The NSC recommends that everyone enjoy fireworks from a distance. Remember, just because certain fireworks are legal does not mean that they are safe. Instead of doing at-home fireworks, opt to drive to a local firework show to enjoy the festivities safely from a distance. Here are some options that you can look into if you are in the Northern California or Chico area:

Additionally, you can also read our recent blog on how to prevent common summertime accidents, as much of this information applies to Fourth of July celebrations as well. If you need any legal help or advice following an accident or injury during this time, Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley is standing by ready to review your case for free and help your family recover the right way.

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