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Police Report Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Downtown Chico

Ambulance driving to accident

On the afternoon of September 26th, 2021, a fatal motorcycle accident occurred in downtown Chico near the intersection of 8th and Main. Chico law enforcement officials confirmed that the motorcyclist struck in the collision was killed, and the driver of the other vehicle was injured. There were no other reported injuries, even though the car had other passengers and partially crashed inside a nearby building.

Hunter Dixon was identified as the motorcyclist who lost his life. Pesiaune Finau was identified as the injured driver of the vehicle.

Finau has been charged with vehicular manslaughter pending a criminal investigation. Early statements from eyewitnesses allege that Finau ran a red light, causing the fatal accident. Security camera footage from nearby properties seems to back these statements.

If true, then Finau could be found criminally accountable for the fatality, as well as 100% liable for the collision. It is not known at this time if Dixon’s family intends to use a claim or lawsuit against Finau to pursue the financial compensation that could be owed to them for the wrongful death.

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