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How Big is a Truck’s Blind Spot?

wide view of a semi-truck on a highway, there is only one other vehicle driving behind the truck

Every driver has experienced the stress that can come with driving near a large truck. For many, this stress can mean speeding up so you’re not lingering in the adjacent lane or swerving to get in front of it—both of which can be incredibly dangerous. To give yourself the best chance of staying safe while on the road with one or more trucks, you should be able to identify the blind spots around them.

Trucks Have Four Blind Spots

It’s not just the driver’s side and passenger’s side blind spots that you need to worry about when driving near a truck. These massive vehicles have blind spots on all four sides, also known as the "no zone." Here’s a quick rundown of where they are:

  • Driver’s Side Blind Spot: This blind spot extends from the front of the truck to about two-thirds of the way back. It reaches up to about one lane over from the truck driver.
  • Passenger’s Side Blind Spot: This blind spot is located on the opposite side of the driver’s side blind spot and functions similarly except for extending up to two lane widths to the right.
  • Front Blind Spot: As you might expect, the truck’s front blind spot is located in front of the vehicle. It’s typically smaller than the other three blind spots (only extending about 20 feet), but it can still be dangerous if you find yourself in it.
  • Rear Blind Spot: The rear blind spot is located up to 30 feet behind the truck and is often the most dangerous of the four. This is because it’s more difficult for the driver to see what’s going on back there.

By staying out of this zone when driving near a truck, you can avoid dangerous actions that may put you in harm’s way and have an escape route in case an emergency occurs.

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