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Which Motorcycle Helmet is Right for You?

close up image of a man wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet

The Three Main Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Fewer than twenty states mandate that motorcycle helmets be worn for all riders, California included. However, there are no restrictions on which type of helmet you must wear. Although everyone has their preference, the helmet you choose could have significant impacts on your safety during a crash. Here are the three main types of motorcycle helmets and how they can be used to protect you:

#1. Full Face

The full face helmet is often regarded as the safest option for any rider, as it provides the most sufficient protection. As the name suggests, these helmets cover the entire face and chin, as well as often have built-in eye protection.

Studies show that among riders who were wearing a full face helmet at the time of their crash, 35% resulted in major impact to the chin area. Since full face helmets provide coverage in that region, you are less likely to experience more significant damage as opposed to other helmets.

#2. Modular

Modular helmets, although similar in design to the full-face, are equipped with hinges that allow the rider to flip the face shield up. Since one of the many drawbacks that people experience when wearing a full face is feeling claustrophobic, this is an ideal solution for riders who want a safe yet breathable option.

However, some opposition to these is that they tend to be much heavier than other helmet options, and some riders have experienced malfunctions with the face shield and chin bar in crashes. Nevertheless, it is still quite a safe option.

#3. Open Face

Open face helmets, also referred to as three-quarter helmets, cover the back and sides of the head but have no chin bar. These are a popular option for riders who prefer not to have their head enclosed. However, they are typically thought of as the least safe option because they don’t protect the whole head.

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