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What is the Sleeper Berth Provision?

truck driver lying in the sleeper berth holding a pillow

Established in 2020, the sleeper berth provision is a relatively new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulation that has been put in place to ensure that commercial drivers are taking their necessary rest time and not operating their vehicles for too long. This blog will discuss what the sleeper berth provision is and how it contributes to overall road safety.

An Overview of the Sleeper Berth Provision

An estimated 13% of commercial vehicle crashes have driver fatigue as a contributing factor. As such, the FMCSA created the sleeper berth provision to protect commercial drivers from being overworked and fatigued. This rule requires that truck drivers take an off-duty period of at least 8 consecutive hours to rest. During this period, they can either sleep in a sleeper berth or any other place of their choosing (such as a hotel room). The purpose of this provision is to ensure that drivers are well-rested and alert when driving on the roads.

Factoring in Break Times

The rule also specifies that if a driver takes any breaks during their 8 hours off duty, then they must break up the 8 consecutive hours into two separate periods of rest, with each period lasting at least 2 hours but no more than 4 hours each. This allows them to have more flexibility in their schedule while still ensuring they get enough rest time.

In addition to providing more flexibility for drivers’ schedules, the sleeper berth provision also helps improve overall safety on the roads by reducing fatigue-related accidents caused by tired drivers who haven’t had enough rest before getting behind the wheel. It also helps reduce emissions caused by idling trucks since trucks do not need to idle for long periods of time while waiting for drivers to get some sleep before continuing on their journey.

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