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Why Inclement Weather Can Be Especially Bad for Trucks

large truck driving towards a storm cloud on a rainy afternoon

3 Ways Bad Weather Affects Trucks

When bad weather hits, every driver on the road can be significantly impacted - no matter how experienced. However, not every vehicle is designed to handle poor conditions similarly. In fact, larger vehicles, such as semi-trucks, may be significantly more affected by high winds, slick roads, and other inclement weather conditions. Read on to learn why.

#1. High Winds Can Pose Serious Risks

High winds can seriously impact taller vehicles and make navigating that much more challenging. Because of this, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines encourage drivers to take hazardous conditions seriously and use extreme caution.

Gusts starting at 40 mph can cause a tractor-trailer to tip over, putting both the trucker and other motorists at risk. This situation is one of the most dangerous forms of inclement weather and should be avoided when possible.

#2. Slick Conditions Make Stopping Difficult

Many semi-trucks have air brakes, which require more time to come to a stop than regular brakes, especially considering the truck's weight. This issue is amplified in wet or icy conditions, as water can prevent the brakes from working properly.

In slick conditions, truck drivers must be extra careful when stopping and allow for a significantly larger distance between their vehicle and the one in front of them. Failing to do so can result in a rear-end collision, which can be extremely dangerous.

#3. Poor Visibility Increases the Risk of an Accident

Visibility is key when driving in any condition, but this is especially true during inclement weather. Poor visibility from heavy rains and dense fog can make it more difficult to see oncoming traffic, road signs, and other hazards.

Semi-truck drivers may be particularly vulnerable in low visibility situations because their large windshields mean they have a longer view than other vehicles. However, this also means they may be more prone to hazards that can't easily be seen.

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