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Auto Accidents and Highways: The Dangers of Higher Speeds


At the Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley, we have helped numerous clients in and around the greater Sacramento seek just compensation following a serious injury. This is particularly true with regard to serious auto accidents, which can cause major injuries. A number of these accidents can occur on freeways, which is really no surprise.

Highway Accidents Can Be Extremely Severe

Highway travel is a way of life in California. In order to get to and from work, most Californians get on the highway, trekking from suburbs, towns, or other cities in order to make a living.

With so many other motorists on the road and with higher speeds on the highway than on city streets, it should come as no surprise that the injuries that are sustained while on the highway can be very serious, leading to long-term physical impairment, permanent disability, and even death.

Reasons Why Highway Accidents Can Be Deadly

There are a number of common sense reasons why highway accidents are often more serious:

  • Increased Rate of Speed - Since highway speeds are faster than streets, vehicles collide with each other with greater force, which makes severe injuries from accidents more likely.

  • Increased Number of Motorists on the Road - When there are more motorists on the road, the likelihood for multi-vehicle collisions increases, which are generally more dangerous.

  • Potential for Aggressive Behaviors - Road rage and other reckless or aggressive behaviors behind the wheel are likely on the highway, which means potential for serious injuries and harm.

  • Remoteness from Emergency Personnel - On remote highways, it can take some time before emergency vehicles can respond to an accident. This unfortunate and unavoidable issue with response time can prove tragic when urgent medical attention is required.

What You Can Do to Stay Safe While on the Road

We recommend the following tips to remain safe while you are out on the freeway:

  • Follow the Rules of the Road - It's always crucial to follow the speed limit and to obey all posted signs. By simply driving by the rules, you decrease the chances of an accident immensely.

  • Avoid Aggressive or Reckless Drivers - When you see an aggressive or reckless display of driving on the road, be sure to avoid that vehicle and that driver. Better to remain safely distanced than increase the risk of an injury accident.

  • Travel During Safe Situations - When driving on the freeway, be sure to travel during good weather. In rain or other inclement conditions, drive more cautiously.

  • Pack an Emergency Kit - Have an emergency first aid and accident kit in your car in case of a collision. This can make a major difference if an accident occurs.

  • Make Sure Your Cell Phone is Charged - We often take for granted the importance of having a charged cell phone. Better to be safe than sorry: charge up before you leave.

  • Have Your Vehicle Regularly Serviced - Accidents can sometimes be caused by mechanical failure, faulty parts, or other issues related to the vehicle itself rather than driver error. Make sure your car is in good shape before you head out.

Contact the Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley

If you would like to learn more about your legal options following a major auto accident, be sure to contact our team of personal injury lawyers today. At the Law Offices of Larry S. Buckley, we will make sure that you receive strong legal representation in your time of legal need.

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